James' Folio



Industrial Design & CMF Internship

Over the past 12 months I have been involved within the Industrial Design and Material & Finishes teams at Teknion. During this time I have been a part of multiple projects within various points of development. Below are some projects which I was able to be an integral part of and was able to see from start to finish.


District Shared Height Adjust Credenza

Within the contract furniture industry, height adjustable tables are now becoming popular with designers specifying District furniture systems. To adapt to this trend, we investigated how to hide the leg of the height adjustable table, manage electrics, retain storage standards and work seamlessly with District panels all within one product.


Teknion's Question:

how might we develop a product which integrates height adjustable table planning into teknion's district product line?


Quick ideation to illustrate my thoughts on how height adjust could impact the District product line.

Investigative Planning

Investigating typical industry layouts within illustrator to identify how this new product would function within existing product. 


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NeoCon_Photos_2018_(29) EDIT.jpg

Neocon CMF Display


Teknion's Request

How might we display TEknION'S new tn storage collection while incorporating toan nygen's design direction as well as the juxteposition of soft edges created with hard sheet metal?


My Roles: 

  • Ideate methods of illustrating the TN storage collection materiality
  • Collaborate with Teknion Mart show room staff to create preliminary mill-work
  • Create CAD models of sheet metal part and prototype with StampTek 
  • Ideate the structural elements holding up the displays and the sheet metal components
  • Create assembly instructions for contractors
  • Manage logistics and packaging to The Mart Chicago
  • Execute 1 week before Neocon begins
TN Materials and Finishes- Project Brief- GM_Page_6.jpg
TN Materials and Finishes- Project Brief- GM_Page_7.jpg

Group Ideation


Design Refresh

With height adjustable tables becoming the new norm within contract furniture, the design team was tasked with investigating new forms as well as UX

My Part:

Wire management ----

UX (Switch) ----


Navigate Switch


Form Development


Livello Switch UX



Sketch Page 1 V6 WEB.jpg



Sketch Page 1 V6 WEB.jpg

Neocon Display




With the launch of Teknion X Toan Nguyen's personalized storage units, we were tasked with rationalizing and displaying the product story for neocon 2018



TN Materials and Finishes- Project Brief- GM_Page_7.jpg

Final Design

Final Insitu


How do we interact in the new MR world?

Depending on the application, the touch pad remote can be utilized in both horizontal or vertical orientation. A physical home button is included allowing the user to instantly dismiss the on-screen UI to focus back to the real world.

Sketches Controller V4.png

What might this MR world look like?

Mixed reality will bring 2D and 3D objects into the user’s peripheral view, whether that be a 3D CAD model of architecture or simpler models of documents and emails. 

Board V4.png

UX story boards


Investigating user interactions with the control module enables a better understanding of how a user would interact with a MR user interface.

UX Prototyping


Looking Glass is a conceptual idea that illustrates the future of communication between users and organizations, as well as incorporating Konftel’s key competencies. Looking Glass was vital in learning how industrial design will develop as technology becomes more advanced and discrete within the physical design.