James' Folio


1 yr - work experience


Work Experience


Teknion Design Team


Industrial Design & CMF Internship

Over the past 12 months I have been involved within the Industrial Design and Material & Finishes teams at Teknion. During this time I have been a part of multiple projects within various points of development. Below are some projects which I was an integral part of and was able to see from start to finish.


District Shared Height Adjust Credenza

Within the contract furniture industry, height adjustable tables have become popular when specifying District furniture systems. To adapt to this trend, we investigated how to hide the leg of the height adjustable table, manage electrics, retain storage standards and work seamlessly with District panels all within one product. I was tasked with problem solving how this new unit would function within many fixed constraints District has to offer, creating mockups, working with manufacturing and engineering to get a one off model at Neocon 2018.

My Roles: 

  • Ideate methods which hide the height adjustable table leg

  • Illustrate how this product would influence other fixed products within the District line-up

  • Collaborate with Teknion engineering to generate CAD models

  • Manufacture prototypes through Roy Breton

  • Problem solve custom fittings and hardware for Neocon 2018


Neocon CMF Display

Along side the recent launch of Teknion's TN collection, the CMF team wanted to partner once again with Toan Nguyen to display how the colours, form and materiality of the collection came together. I was able to ideate with the lead designer and Director of CMF at Teknion to create a fun and informative display. Through sketching and CAD we were able to mockup the shelves and begin problem solving on design, attachment methods as well as logistics. Once we decided on the front aesthetics of each insert, I tackled designing a back brace which would keep the entire fixture together and maintain a fixed distance from the back of the bookcase. Finally, I created a quick instruction booklet for the staff onsite at Neocon to assemble and install.

My Roles: 

  • Ideate methods of illustrating the TN storage collection materiality

  • Collaborate with Teknion Mart show room staff to create preliminary mill-work

  • Create CAD models of sheet metal part and prototype with StampTek

  • Ideate the structural elements holding up the displays and the sheet metal components

  • Create assembly instructions for contractors

  • Manage logistics and packaging to The Mart Chicago

  • Execute 1 week before Neocon begins


cmf - Veneer and solid wood finishes

By evaluating upcoming finishes shown in flooring, textiles, metals and fixtures, we laid out a path for potential short and long term development. We were tasked with focusing on solid wood and veneer table surfaces for upcoming display at Neocon 2018 & 2019. Below is one of the sample solid wood tables where I developed material inspiration, CAD and final prototype.


Acoustic Research

During a 2 month period, we began testing Teknion Zones acoustic properties with a University of Toronto professor, Brady Peters. After multiple meetings with Brady, I was tasked with designing an acoustic apparatus that would test how various products could enable better acoustic performance within the Zones product line. Being a part of this experience opened my eyes to how acoustics can effect a space, as well as how it can effect the mood of those within it. 

My Roles: 

  • Utilize knowledge of acoustics to create a testing apparatus

  • Schedule and create timelines for external parties to collaborate

  • Assist and build the acoustic apparatus

  • Illustrate the findings in a graphic style to assist in external consultants