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With the knowledge gained from interviewing
students Greenwood college, design and build a cost effective, ergonomic and purposeful task chair.

Tango : Task Chair


Product Design


Greenwood College


Connor Foster

Stefano Tocco

Jasdeep Dogra

James Stonehewer


Tango is a classic idea with a modern twist. From it’s solid metal legs, bent plywood back and bag rest underneath, it embraces an atmosphere of classic education. These traditional values are met with casters and contemporary design, allowing the user to be inclusive within shared learning, group learning or learning from kinetic motion.

Tango, while looking small, has form in all the right places. The backrest is kept at a minimal level to allow the spine to adjust to proper posture. This along with the thick cushion creates an extremely comfortable seating experience for the entire duration of the class.

IMG_20160119_143503 EDIT.jpg


Our research began at a private secondary school in Toronto, known as Greenwood College. We discovered that within these school environments, a diverse amount of perimeters had to be met at relatively low cost while maintaining product longevity for years to come. Another key characteristic was being certain that students would be comfortable and enjoy sitting for extended periods of time while also keeping students from slouching. 

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After interviewing students at Greenwood, we acquired distinct knowledge on how they're classes functioned and what was important to them. We learnt that tradition and nature is a major element to student life and brand image of Greenwood. Also, lockers aren't used frequently, and bags are left on the floor often. Finally, rolling chairs are extremely well liked and are found beneficial to the learning environment. 

Ideation w. Render 2v.jpg

Design Process


Model Making

Once the design was completed, the full scale prototype model was manufactured by us. 


Assembly Guide


Final Concept


Final Presentation

Chair displayed at Humber's annual chair show. The show allows family, friends, the public and those in industry to sit and inspect the each classmates chair and give feedback. It also required that each team design and print an aesthetic product poster, brochure and booklet to practice in a trade show setting.