James' Folio
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Design and build a snow sculpture that symbolizes age, wisdom and respect. 

Umeå : Snöskulptur


Creative Project


Aaron Bavle

Simone Kilian

James Stonehewer

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Brain Storming

The Team

From left to right, my team included myself, Aaron and Simone - all on exchange here at Umeå UID. We entered the competition as complete rookies, but once we had completed the sculpture, we were proud that we participated and put our best foot forward. 


Design Process

The design challenge for this year's competition was to include - wisdom, age and respect into a comprehensive sculpture. We brain stormed as a team to seek a form which spoke towards these core values. 

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Sculpture Process

The block started off as a 3m x 3m x 3m cube. Initial sculpting took place around a template which we cut out of a piece of cloth, thus forming the first extrusion. From this, we whittled down each quarter into the desired shapes and sizes making sure not to cut too deep! Finally, we excavated the sections in between each heads and finished all the surfaces

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Mind in the Making - 3rd Place Winner


Our design symbolized humans as they age, whilst becoming wiser over the course of their lifetime. The puzzle pieces resembled the pieces which make up all of us, and how no matter who you are, they fit perfectly over time. Age was illustrated by the 4 quarters in life as well as by the separation between each piece of the puzzle. 


At first we all felt overwhelmed by the sheer size of the block and having no prior experience being sculptors. But, with great risk comes great reward and I would say for some rookies we really rose to the challenge and exceeded out our expectations. 

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