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Looking Glass

Working with Konftel Sweden, research and investigate how users would communicate, conduct meetings and work within the next 10-20 years. Through concept development and ideation, generate a concept that is structured around Konftel's brand image and will be congruent with modern trends.

Looking Glass


Product Design | UX Design




James Stonehewer

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Who is Konftel?

Konftel is a Swedish conference phone provider who cater to a worldwide clientele. They are best known for their OmniSound technology.

Konftel's Question:

What might the future of communication between organizations look like in 2030?

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Is Augmented Reality the Future?

Investigating future tech such as VR, AR and MR tech would enable users to operate within their peripheral and focal vision as a canvas to work on all types of work tasks. AR was selected due to its ability to work seamlessly between the digital and analog environments.


64% of Workers Wear Eye-wear

Looking Glass’ core design was developed to accommodate these users who rely on their personal eye wear.

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Majority of users glasses rest on the bridge of the nose, thus adding another device
on the bridge would cause user irritation.

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Similar to a tension fit headband, Looking Glass fits around the user’s head just
above the brow line, freeing the ears and nose bridge for personal eye wear. 

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Form Development

Since Looking Glass is intended for future application (2030+), the form was not driven by technological guidelines, instead it was driven by ergonomic factors as well as how it would function with users current eye wear products. Glasses have become an outlet for user expression, re-directing glasses from function to an aesthetic feature of ones self. This discovery impacted Looking Glasses' aesthetic by not aiming to be a staple of fashion, but instead remaining minimal and functional allowing the users personal expression, to be shown. 

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How do we interact in the new MR world?

Depending on the application, the touch pad remote can be utilized in both horizontal or vertical orientation. A physical home button is included allowing the user to instantly dismiss the on-screen UI to focus back to the real world.

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What might this MR world look like?

Mixed reality will bring 2D and 3D objects into the user’s peripheral view, whether that be a 3D CAD model of architecture or simpler models of documents and emails. 


UX story boards

Investigating user interactions with the control module enables a better understanding of how a user would interact with a MR user interface.

UX Prototyping



Looking Glass is a conceptual idea that illustrates the future of communication between users and organizations, as well as incorporating Konftel’s key competencies. Looking Glass was vital in learning how industrial design will develop as technology becomes more advanced and discrete within the physical design.