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Working in collaboration with Umbra and Canadian Tire, create a product that is unique and functional that would benefit the mobile office space.

Umbra : Flöde


Product Design




Phil Gagne

James Stonehewer

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Project Brief

Working with Umbra + Canadian Tire, design and model a cost effective, functional and unique product which can flagship Canadian Tire's home decor product line. 

Brain Storming


How might we develop a functional product which reflects the values of the modern mobile work space user, while maintaining Umbra's unique brand image in a cohesive product? 


Design Process

The design process for Flöde was far from perfect, initial designs were unsuccessful in obtaining the vision of the client. This being said, my partner and I went back to the drawing board and learned from these mistakes. In the future, I would stick closer to the brand image then concentrate on the functionality and uniquness of the product.


Model Process

To create the model, my partner and I spray adhesive'd felt to 1/16 polystyrene and created multiple jigs to manually thermoform to. Multiple manufacturing techniques were explored with experts from Umbra to be certain that once this was translated to sheet metal and felt it would possible. 

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Cost Effective Features

Canadian Tire locations are owned by individual dealers, the products would be displayed from skids located within the isles. Thus, requiring Flöde to be a simple stacking product which includes a low effort way for the consumer lift it from the skid.


Product Video